Update from NY Trip

I had a wonderful trip to NY for 10 days of exciting ministry opportunities! When I arrived last Wednesday I was able to preach at a new church plant in Albany. It was exciting to be a part of that new work! Later that week I was able to go out and pass out flyers in the neighborhood inviting people to come out to church.

That Sunday I began a revival meeting at Lighthouse Baptist in Schenectady. It was a fantastic meeting and God really worked in the hearts and lives of those good people. It was really great to meet and get to know Pastor Horn. He is a true servant of God doing a great work in that city.

Friday and Saturday we had our Boot Camp Teen Rally on the churches new camp property. Bro. Blaine Warner and I were the speakers and there were about 20 teens present. We saw some decisions made for the Lord and really had a great time! We hope to have similar rallies across the country starting here soon.

Just about every day of my visit we were out at the camp property working hard to get it ready to host the rally. It was a joy to be involved in that project. I look forward to working there more in the future as we hope to host many youth and family events at that facility in the future. Please be in prayer concerning the potential of this great camp and ministry.

You can see pictures from the various aspects of this trip on my Facebook page.

Please continue praying for Keep Your Heart Ministries. We are now very close to launching the website. The design is complete and they are now working on getting it up online. I will begin contacting churches soon about the possibility of hosting a Keep Your Heart event. I am partnering with my good friend Blaine Warner and Purposed Youth Ministries on these events. Please contact me if you are interested. We have really seen God work in the two events we have had this summer. We are working on a video presentation for the Boot Camp rallies to give folks an idea of what to expect.

I am thrilled about what God is doing in these ministries and I hope you will join in prayer and participation in the days to come.

God bless!

Adam Davis










I figured it was about time I update my blog…

This has been an extremely busy and exciting summer thus far! Since graduating from Virginia Baptist College at the end of May I have had a full schedule of meetings including the first-annual Boot Camp Teen Retreat at my home church (this was also the inaugural Keep Your Heart event), and a week of camp in WV. This summer I have also released my brand new solo CD, “Love Beyond Measure”. Tomorrow I will begin the 9th week of my “Love Beyond Measure” Concert Tour with an evening concert at my home church. God has really blessed this tour more than I ever imagined. The last three concerts have been used mightily- hearts have been touched and altars have been filled as I have had the opportunity to communicate the beautiful message of these songs. Next week I will be flying to New York for 10 days of ministry including a revival and Boot Camp Teen Rally at Lighthouse Baptist in Schenectady. Following that trip I will have a few more weeks left of the concert tour with some final dates in VA and TN. After that, classes begin at VBC and I will be involved in many different things there. I am looking forward to the rest of this summer and the many ministry opportunities to come through the rest of the year.

Keep Your Heart UPDATE: I am working earnestly now toward launching this new ministry full-time (see previous posts for info). Please pray with me as I get things in place. The website is in the works as well as brochures and post cards and I am about ready to start scheduling meetings around the country. Contact me if you are interested in more details about this ministry or would like to schedule me for a meeting at your church.

New Ministry…

I have said a few things here and there about a new ministry I am in the process of launching called- Keep Your Heart Ministries. The Lord laid this ministry on my heart in August of last year after working two weeks of camp in WV and having an intensified burden for young people. This ministry is based off of Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” I have chosen the motto- “Helping teens live separated lives in a corrupted world.” This ministry will be primarily to teens but also to young adults and families. It will be a ministry of rallies, conferences, seminars, and camps as well as the publication of helpful articles and books and a website with helpful resources. A logo has been designed and a website has been purchased but not yet launched. I am in the process of writing the first set of materials to be used in the inaugural Keep Your Heart event here at my church this summer. Please be in prayer with me about this ministry. It is my desire that God would use it to make a profound impact on the young people of our nation.

– Adam Davis

It’s almost here…

My new project, Love Beyond Measure, is just about to release! The graphics are completed and the final mixes have been done. It should begin duplication in just a few weeks and release the first week of June. All who have heard the mixes say that it is the best project I have ever done!

I have made a special, limited time pre-sale offer to a few locations where I have been to sing in the last few weeks and I want to extend that offer to you. If you are interested in this offer, please contact me. Those who pre-order my new CD will get it at a special introductory price and receive their copy before it releases to the public. Also, any pre-ordered CDs will be signed by me!




Change is a reality of life and one that is sometimes hard to accept and at others times welcomed and embraced. Life is full of these changes- some good, some bad, some big, and some small. But these times of transition are times when God is most clearly at work in our lives.

I began preaching a sermon this year entitled “Where’s God When Things Change?” based on the book of Job. I suppose that when you preach messages like that sometimes God decides to see if you really believe what you are preaching. I have stood confidently and preached that message several times while realizing that I was pretty comfortable with my life the way it was. Now, I find myself facing some big changes and, while I face them with hope and excitement, I am still struggling to remember the principles God gave me from the book of Job. Read on…

I want to tell you about some major changes in my life in these exciting days. Of course, in May, I will be graduating from college- this is a big change! But,  I will also no longer be working for Bible Truth Music. You will see a statement below from Bro. Foxx concerning my time at BTM, and his good wishes for my future. But let me be clear: This is due in no part to a disagreement between me and Bro. Foxx or anyone else at BTM, or from a difference of values, direction, or philosophy of ministry. It is simply an unfortunate reality of our tough economic times and there was not a full-time position available for me.

However, the Lord has opened exciting doors for me through the closing of this one. As of March 14th I will be working at Virginia Baptist College full time. I have met with the President of the college, Dr. Forrester and he has offered me the position of Staff Evangelist which I have happily accepted. In this position I will be traveling to churches and Christian schools representing our college and trying to spread the word and recruit students. I will also be teaching Bible, Ministry and Music classes in semesters to come. I am thrilled about this opportunity and look forward to getting back out on the road in this capacity.

I still have a busy concert tour this summer with the release of my new project, Love Beyond Measure. I also have many other revivals and youth rallies on my itinerary for this year and I am looking forward to the many opportunities the Lord has given me to minister.

In addition to this I will have the wonderful opportunity to work in the studio from time to time as a producer, engineer and background vocalist. Don’t worry, I will be no stranger to the studio. And you can count on seeing more projects from me in the future.

I am also praying and seeking the Lord about launching a ministry He has laid on my heart. Keep Your Heart Ministries is a ministry to teens, young adults, and families that seeks to help them live separated lives in a corrupted world. This will be a ministry of family conferences, youth rallies, and other meetings as well as writing books and helpful articles. Please pray with me about this ministry. The website has already been purchased but not designed and an e-mail address is in place.

There are many changes indeed, but I believe that God is leading and I am excited about what lies ahead. Please see the brief note from Bro. Foxx below:

“Evangelist Adam Davis served admirably with Bible Truth Music for 3 years. The Lord has lead and directed, and we are delighted that he is now Staff Evangelist with Virginia Baptist College! May God richly bless and use Evangelist Davis!”

BYRON FOXX www.BibleTruthMusic.com

Thanks and God bless!

Adam Davis
Virginia Baptist College

Updated contact information:

E-mail: adamdavis@vbc.edu

Phone: 804-892-0590

Address: 305 North 15th Ave.
Hopewell, VA 23860

In the Studio…

I have been in the studio for the last two days recording lead and background vocals for Love Beyond Measure, and things are sounding great! John Rowsey (Dove-Award winning singer/songwriter) is producing this project and doing an amazing job! It is all coming together nicely and has truly exceeded my expectations. Matt Hale has really outdone himself on the orchestration for this project- I have been blown away by his! Tomorrow and Monday we will be mixing  and at that point we won’t be far from completion. Keep watching for more news and for the announcement of the pre-sale for this exciting album.

God bless!

Adam Davis

Love Beyond Measure Tour 2011

I am excited about my concert tour this summer- Love Beyond Measure Tour 2011. The tour is marking the release of my new CD, Love Beyond Measure. I was in the studio during the first week of January recording the tracks and they are great! I will be back in the studio in February recording the vocals. The project should release in May and the tour will launch in June.  I have already scheduled 15 of these concerts and the goal is 30. I have several openings throughout these months.

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting one of these concerts and keep watching for updates here and on Facebook!